Architectural Services

Site Studies

Site Analysis is a preliminary phase of the Architectural Design process. This involves creating a graphic representation of the arrangement of the buildings; parking, drives and landscaping based on past experience, site constraints, and jurisdictional codes. This gives our clients a true sense of what will fit onto a particular parcel of land, which will give them the information needed to determine if the project will meet their financial expectations.

With our many years of experience based on past projects, always keeping up to date and being knowledgeable of current trends and changes, we have consistently assured our clients that they can trust that we will maximize the square footage to give them the opportunity to achieve the highest rate of return.

Schematic Design and Design Development

Our team at Hofmann Associates, Inc., use our experience and knowledge of industry trends of all the Local and Federal codes to help create designs that are functional, within budget, and true to the client’s programming needs. We can create anywhere from a simple plan to a 3D color model to envision a true perspective of the project. We also can go a step further by creating pricing/design development plans for the Owner and/or Tenant to be able to go out and get pricing budget numbers before going into full construction documents.

Construction Documents

Our full knowledge of the construction process is based on years of experience and construction site visits which gives us the confidence that all plans and details are buildable, accurate and are of industry standards. We work with contractors on an everyday basis to ensure we can design each project to be typically within budget.

Permitting Process

For the majority of the projects at Hofmann Associates, Inc., as part of an essential service that we provide, is to make sure the permitting process is as complete and accurate as possible to assure the project will be approved and construction can proceed. Our permit specialist, Kelly, has been doing this integral process for over 15 years, and has developed a great and respectful relationship with all the different Counties and their individual departments. Kelly understands what each individual County requires so she can apply for permits, complete application process and be sure the proper amount of drawings are prepared, signed and sealed, sent or delivered in person to file for the permit, then tracking permit daily, coordinating comments and responses, making sure proper codes are addressed satisfactorily, as well as coordinating with Owners, Tenants, Engineers, Contractors, etc., and finally picking up and issuing the approved Permit.

Construction Administration

We perform every aspect of Construction Administration from construction site visits, to shop drawings review and approval, to signing and verifying payment applications. We observe the construction process to ensure it meets the Architectural drawing content as well as making sure the required codes are being met, if not exceeding standards. At the completion of the project, we visit the building to do a punch list to ensure all construction is complete, and all specific details are addressed as per the drawings, as well as cleaned and ready for occupancy.

Hofmann & Associates Service List

View our comprehensive list of services to fulfill the wide range of your project’s needs.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning
  • Site Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Building Design
  • Construction Administration
  • Sustainable Design
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Space planning
  • Facility Planning
  • Materials Selection
  • Finish Selection
  • Data Rooms
  • SCIF Design
  • Field Survey
  • ADA Compliant Analysis
  • Code Review
  • Sales/Lease plans
  • Marketing Boards
  • Renderings