LEGACY OF ROBERT (BOB) T. HOFMANN (Nov. 4, 1941-May 30, 2017)

(Founder of Hofmann Associates, Inc.)

When Bob was 10 years old, he loved to draw illustrations of houses, and he seemed to have quite a talent for it. He furthered this love and talent throughout his school years, and eventually entered into the architectural curriculum at McCoy College, and later Johns Hopkins University. One of his professors recognized his talent and interest in architecture and became a critical mentor to Bob, helping him refine his architectural and design skills.

Bob was a partner in a local architectural firm for nearly 10 years before striking out on his own in 1978 with 19 years of drafting and architectural experience, because he wanted to focus on the creation of bigger projects and grow his business. He wanted to have his business focus on the design of low to mid-rise commercial office buildings, research and development facilities, warehouses and build-to-suit projects, as well as interior design services. This was the beginning of Hofmann Associates, Inc. (originally named Robert T. Hofmann and Associates, Inc.). Bob developed quite a wonderful reputation that had gained him, and Hofmann Associates, Inc., extreme respect in the industry for his professionalism, problem-solving abilities and great attention to detail.

He made it a point to understand the specific needs of development companies and realized that it was essential that the buildings generated income to be successful. He was extremely respectful of their budget and was guided by both the aesthetic and economic objectives of the client. He knew both disciplines must work in conjunction to achieve the desired outcome.

Bob developed an impressive, and long standing list of clients that includes the following developers: St. John Properties, Preston Scheffenacker Properties, Obrecht Properties, CSG Partners, Emory Hill Property Management, Mangione Family Enterprises, Gardiner Realty, and Manekin, LLC, just to name a few.

Bob’s sons, Rob (LEED Green Associate) and Craig (AIA Certified Architect) honor his legacy by continuing to strive to maintain the same standards of professionalism, problem-solving abilities and attention to detail as their father.